Overcoming Overwhelm

Let go of the guilt, do more of what matters and find peace in the everyday

Overwhelm seems to be the default experience of motherhood. We feel guilty when we lose our temper at our children. We feel guilty when we step into the office flustered and late due to a hectic drop off schedule. We feel guilty when we leave office earlier than our colleagues. We feel guilty when we get home late and cannot muster more than baked beans on toast for dinner. 

Rates of depression and anxiety and mothers continue to climb, and those of us who are seemingly well are often hanging on by a thread. 

Overwhelm can be defined as being overcome completely in mind or feeling. When we talk about overwhelm and the experience of mothers, overwhelm is a constant feeling of being rushed, or that you are scrambling to keep up with everything on your plate. Overwhelm is the frequent feeling of guilt that you are not doing everything well or even not doing anything well. The constant worry that you are doing something wrong, and that you might damage your child, or fail at work. The feelings of anxiety and unease that creep up when you are just trying to get through the day. The sense that even leaving the house, or having a friend visit the house is too much to comprehend. The feeling that you must keep busy just to show everyone that you are still ok, and that kids haven’t changed a thing. 

Overwhelm can be all these things or only some of them. It shows up differently in each of us. Sometimes it only comes from time to time, at other times it is every day and relentless. Despite the differences between us, we all seem to experience it in one way or another. 

Has overwhelm become your default experience as a mother? 

Overwhelm seems to have become the default experience for mothers. But it needn't be.   

In this course, I will guide you through a process of overcoming your overwhelm, a process that I have created so I could crawl out of the depths of my own overwhelm. It is a process that is informed by wisdom from psychology, social science, mindfulness, therapeutic methods and the experiences of numerous mama leaders who have walked the path before us. 

In this course you will learn to:

  • Recognise the unfair societal pressures on mothers and let go of the ‘mummy guilt’

  • Engage your family and support network and give yourself permission not to ‘do it all’

  • Take control of your schedule and align it with your values

  • Practice resilience and self-care strategies, including gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy

  • Set boundaries on the things that drain your energy, and develop habits and routines that will enhance your resilience

This course is designed to build your community and support network as you go through the journey of overcoming your overwhelm. You will join a supportive community of mothers who are walking the same path, and be matched with an peer accountability partner for mutual encouragement throughout the course and beyond. 

Course Inclusions

  • 13 week (3 month online) facilitated program 
  • 1-2 Short lessons each week, with 2-3 short reflective exercises for homework each week
  • Fortnightly group coaching 'office hours' where you can ask questions of me via live video chat
  • Private Facebook group for course participants to encourage each other and grow your support network
  • Matching with a peer accountability partner (fellow course participant) to discuss the course and keep each other on track
  • Lifetime access to the course materials, in case life gets in the way and you fall behind

Course Outline (13 weeks)

Module 1: Overwhelm- it isn’t just me (2 weeks)

  • What is overwhelm? 

  • How does it affect mamas? 

  • Systemic factors and societal causes of overwhelm

  • Individual influences on overwhelm

Module 2: Mapping my overwhelm (3 weeks) 

  • How does overwhelm show up in my life? 

  • What is the impact of overwhelm on my life?

  • What is the role of social media and technology in my overwhelm? 

  • What is my schedule and how does it affect my overwhelm? 

  • What are my habits, and how do I use my time? 

  • What are my limiting beliefs around time and how I use it? 

Module 3: Letting go (2 weeks)

  • Learning to let go of the ‘to do’ list and the cult of busy

  • Bringing mindful attention to my routine and my habits

  • What is most important to me, and how well does my life align with my values? 

  • Which of my commitments do I have the capacity to control, change or let go of? 

  • Engaging my support team (how can I drop the ball)?

Module 4: Taking care of myself (3 weeks)

  • Finding the strength to change the things that can be changed, and acceptance to work with the things that cannot

  • Making my own wellbeing a priority

  • Finding gratitude and peace in the mundane

  • Establishing a practice of reflection (learning to listen to my intuition) 

  • Letting go of goal-setting and list writing in favour of setting intentions

Module 5: Taking control (2 weeks)

  • Developing a change strategy to take control of my week

  • Digital decluttering and mindful use of social media and technology 

  • Developing habits and rhythms

  • Finding comfort and encouragement in incremental change

Module 6: Celebrating the progress (1 week)

  • Reflecting on my journey

  • Celebrating everything that we have achieved together

  • Building my community to support me beyond this program 

Summer Edwards
Summer Edwards
Wholehearted Leadership Coach

About the instructor

Summer Edwards is a social entrepreneur, leadership coach, sustainability advocate and writer, and mama to two young boys. Summer is the founder Lead Mama Lead, a social enterprise which is designed to challenge the status quo for working mothers. Summer firmly believe that everyone should have access to flexible career worthy jobs which allow time to for family, community activism and creative pursuits outside of work, and most importantly, self-care. 

Summer is also the founder of tortoise & lady grey, a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blog that teaches readers to live meaningful, intentional and sustainable lives.

Summer's teaching focuses on growing resilient leaders in workplaces, and in activism. She delights in supporting women to reach their potential as leaders and as changemakers, while taking care of themselves in their wellbeing. 

Summer believes that the strongest leaders are those that lead wholeheartedly and are kind to themselves and others. 

What's included?

1 Survey
62 Texts
13 PDFs

This course kicks off on September 10th. The doors close on this program once the course begins. Final day to enrol is September 14th.  

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Praise for this course:

A very positive experience which led to a lot of real change for me.

I highly recommend Summer's course to all working mothers and busy women. I loved it. Summer is a warm and wise soul, who has clearly put a lot of effort into developing the course and making it just right. Her guidance is gentle and kind at al...

by kate waterford

A very positive experience which led to a lot of real change for me.

I highly recommend Summer's course to all working mothers and busy women. I loved it. Summer is a warm and wise soul, who has clearly put a lot of effort into developing the course and making it just right. Her guidance is gentle and kind at al...

by kate waterford